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AIDA specializes in the R&D,manufacturing,distributing of machinery equipment,we focus on filtration line for 18 years with superior technical team,excellent after-sale service.AIDA passed through ISO9001-2000 quality certificate,always insist on the principle “Quality is everything” to best serve worldwide client throughout the way. Our main products are filtration unit ,such as self-cleaning filter , bag filter , basket strainer , stainless steel security filter , high flow water filter machine , sand filter , disc filter , etc ,for different water treatment industries .

Most our filter housing has exported to South America, Eastern southern asia and Africa more 26 countries . We AIDA are commited to providing products at the most competitive price,unquestionable quality,timely delivery and superior after sale service. We aim to establish stable and strategic partnership with professionals worldwide.

Service Team

We take the principle of providing high-quality services to customers and provide professional training for every business manager on a regular basis. Our service team of more than 20 people can ensure timely and effective early communication and after-sales service, and we can provide customized products according to customers' special requirements to meet customers' various needs.


Enterprise tenet: Honest first, quality fore most
Operation belief: establishment of AiDa brand and satisfaction of users are our persistent pursuit.
Service tenet: Responsible for every procedure; responsible for every machine; responsible for every customer.
Service theory:
AiDa wins many honors by the exquisite techniques and advanced technology; company regards qualify as life and customers as God. Customers’ satisfaction is our persistent goal. We will always serve customers by the service tenet that to be responsible for every procedure; for every machine and for every customer. We will do our best to get your satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repay with our sincere dedication.
Service promise:
Before sales service:
Provide the program design and technological flow design; choose the right equipment that most suitable for you; design and manufacture products according to your demands; provide operational technicians training for you.
Sales service:
Finish the equipment inspection with you; assist you in drawing out the construction scheme and detailed flow.
After sales service:
Send technicians to installation site for the guidance, equipment adjustment and training.
Personnel of AiDa have established favorable service theory: repair in time broken-down equipment; provide program design and technological flow design to customers before sale; provide high quality products and provide operation training and tentatively help customers to solve complicated processing problems. 
Our telephone services are available around the clock including holidays.
Robot automatic welding
AIDA brand filter is welded by robot or automatic welding equipment, whether it is ring joint or straight seam, so as to ensure that the equipment will never leak
Laser cutting
The main parts of AIDA filter equipment adopt laser cutting technology to ensure smooth and perfect products without defects
High quality raw materials
All raw materials of AIDA filter come from domestic first-line brands, traceable from the source, and can provide material composition analysis report
Advanced exterior polishing technology
The appearance of AIDA filter is mirror polishing by default. It is characterized by meeting the standards of health industry, easy to clean and beautiful appearance, and is the most commonly used appearance treatment process in the industry
Matte technology of sandblasting
AIDA filter can also provide sand blasting matte treatment process. The process features beautiful appearance, and its disadvantages are not easy to clean, and it is suitable for special customers
Rigorous testing
Every filter product is strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure that the qualified products are delivered to customers for use
Water for textile and paper
Printing and dyeing water;
Water for water jet loom;
Water for paper making, etc
  Water for food industry
purified drinking water;
Mountain water and mineral water;
Drinks, beer;
Water for dairy industry
  Water for industrial products manufacturing
Automobile, electroplating;
Paint, fine processing;
Water for cleaning
  Water for pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical preparations;
Natural material extraction;
Chinese medicine drinks, etc
  Building quality water supply
Star Hotel;
Villa, Airport;
Living quarters, etc
  Ultra pure water in electronic industry
Monocrystalline silicon semiconductor;
Integrated circuit block;
LCD, etc
  Desalination of salty water
Islands, ships;
Saline alkali area;
Production of drinking water
Boiler make-up water
Pure water of power boiler;
Medium and low pressure boiler soft water, etc.
Fine chemical water
Cosmetics, detergents;
Biological Engineering;
Genetic engineering, etc.
Municipal tap water
Township housing complex;
Highway toll stations
Circulating cooling water
Central air conditioning;
Water-cooled air conditioner
Sewage treatment
Industrial wastewater;
Water reuse;
domestic sewage
Artificial breeding water
Fish and shrimp farming;
Ornamental fish etc.
Swimming pool water purification
Indoor swimming pool;
Outdoor landscape pool, etc.

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