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ADBA series self cleaning filter overview
ADBA series automatic cleaning filter is a kind of net filter, which is cleaned automatically according to pressure difference or time. It has the advantages of high filtration precision and thorough cleaning. It is widely used in the fields of industrial water, sewage treatment, heat exchange, etc., and it is a kind of filter equipment with high automation and simple operation.
ADBA series self cleaning filter equipment principle
The fluid flows from the inlet and flows out of the small gap of the wedge-shaped filter tube in the filter. The impurity particles are easily intercepted. When the impurity particles gather on the surface area of the filter screen, the pressure difference will be generated.   When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet reaches 0.5kg/cm2 (adjustable), the backwash system of the filter will start to work automatically. The operation is performed by the differential pressure controller, electric blowdown valve and a rotating stainless steel cleaning brush driven by the motor. Impurities particles are easily brushed down by steel, and then discharged through the blowdown valve. The backwash lasts for about 15 seconds (adjustable), and the backwash will not be cut off.
The selection table of self cleaning filter, the default design pressure is 1.0MPa. If higher pressure requirements are required, please indicate that the equipment material is carbon steel and stainless steel
For more detailed technical parameters of self-cleaning filters, please email to filters@sino-filter.net
Item Parameter Description
Maximum flow 20-3000m3/h According to the filtering accuracy and impurity content, please inquire us. Our company provides the most suitable model
Minimum working pressure 0.2MPa(g)  
Maximum working pressure 1.6MPa(g) Special requirements can be customized
Import and export path DN50-DN700 Flange standard HG20592-97, special requirements can be customized
Maximum working temperature 80℃ High temperature type can be customized
Filter accuracy 100-3000um  
Filter material 304, 316L stainless steel can be customized according to requirements  
Equipment material Carbon steel, 304, 316L, stainless steel can be customized according to requirements  
Motor power 0.37-1.1KW  
Voltage 380V/50Hz/three-phase  
Backwash flow Less than 1% of the total flow  
Backwash time 15 seconds (adjustable) You can set the time according to the on-site situation
Backwash pressure difference 0.5Kg/cm2 (adjustable) The pressure difference can be set according to the site conditions
All Aida equipment packaging is packed in wooden boxes to ensure that the products arrive safely
Comprehensive and high quality product quality

AIDA has standardized production base, and has the production and manufacturing capacity

from accessories to equipment and professional technical service level

Robot automatic welding
AIDA brand filter is welded by robot or automatic welding equipment, whether it is ring joint or straight seam, so as to ensure that the equipment will never leak
Laser cutting
The main parts of AIDA filter equipment adopt laser cutting technology to ensure smooth and perfect products without defects
High quality raw materials
All raw materials of AIDA filter come from domestic first-line brands, traceable from the source, and can provide material composition analysis report
Advanced exterior polishing technology
The appearance of AIDA filter is mirror polishing by default. It is characterized by meeting the standards of health industry, easy to clean and beautiful appearance, and is the most commonly used appearance treatment process in the industry
Matte technology of sandblasting
AIDA filter can also provide sand blasting matte treatment process. The process features beautiful appearance, and its disadvantages are not easy to clean, and it is suitable for special customers
Rigorous testing
Every filter product is strictly tested before leaving the factory to ensure that the qualified products are delivered to customers for use
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