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The softened water equipment produced by Aida adopts fully automatic valve with digital display and regenerates according to the flow rate. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation and low salt consumption. It is used for boiler water softening, air conditioning cooling water, chemical water, hotel, laundry, domestic water, textile industry and softened water selection.

Natural water, underground well water, contains a lot of salts formed by calcium (Ca +) and magnesium (Mg +) ions. If it is directly used as water supply, it is easy to form scale on the heating surface of the equipment, which will reduce the efficiency of the equipment, increase the loss, reduce the output, shorten the service life of the equipment, and even endanger the safety of the equipment and people. Therefore, the equipment water supply must be softened.

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Equipment Selection  
0.5T   0.5T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-0.5
Automatic Water softening equipment
1T   1T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-1
Automatic Water softening equipment
2T   2T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-2
Automatic Water softening equipment
3T   3T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-3
Automatic Water softening equipment
4T   4T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-4
Automatic Water softening equipment
5T   5T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-5
Automatic Water softening equipment
6T   6T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-6
Automatic Water softening equipment
8T   8T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-8
1Automatic Water softening equipment
10T   10T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-10
1Automatic Water softening equipment
15T   15T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-15
1Automatic Water softening equipment
18T   18T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment
Model: AD-WS-18
20-2Automatic Water softening equipment
20-25T 20-25T/H
Automatic Water softening equipment,Model: AD-WS-25
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Equipment quik selection  
Type selection table for single tank and single valve flow type of series automatic water softener
The single tank and single valve system is a resin tank, a multi-channel valve and a salt tank. The water outlet is stopped when the system regenerates.
Model Flow Rate(T/h) Switch specifications
D×H(mm) ×Number
Tank Installation size
D×H×Number(mm) Volume (L)
AD-WS-0.5 0.5 Φ200×1100×1 370*800×1 60 900×500×1250
AD-WS-1 1 Φ250×1350×1 370*800×1 60 1100×500×1500
AD-WS-2 2 Φ300×1400×1 400*900×1 100 1150×550×1500
AD-WS-3 3 Φ350×1650×1 500*1100×1 200 1500×700×1800
AD-WS-4 4 Φ400×1650×1 500*1100×1 200 1500×700×1800
AD-WS-5 5 Φ500×1750×1 650*1080×1 350 1800×850×1900
AD-WS-6 6 Φ500×1750×1 650*1080×1 350 1800×850×1900
AD-WS-8 8 Φ600×1900×1 800*1180×1 500 2200×1000×2150
AD-WS-10 10 Φ750×1900×1 940*1280×1 800 2500×1200×2150
AD-WS-15 15 Φ900×2100×1 1000*1380×1 1000 2800×1500×2400
AD-WS-18 18 Φ1000×2100×1 1000*1380×1 1000 2800×2100×2350
AD-WS-25 20-25 Φ1200×2300×1 1360*1650×1 2000 3000×2200×2650
AD-WS-45 30-45 Φ1500×2400×1 1360*1650×1 2000 4000×3000×3000
AD-WS-65 50-65 Φ1800×2400×1 1500*1800×1 3000 5000×3000×3000
For 65 tons,we recommended to use double tanks in parallel for more than. please contact us if you need single system
Type selection table for double tank and double valve (continuous water outlet, or one for use and one for standby) of series automatic water softener
The double tank and double valve system is composed of two resin tanks, two multi-channel valves and two salt tanks. One resin tank is used for regeneration, and the other works to realize 24-hour continuous operation.
Model Flow rate(T/h) Switch specifications
D×H(mm) ×Number
Tank Installation size
D×H×Number(mm) Volume(L)
AD-WS-0.5L 0.5 Φ200×1100×2 370*800×2 60 1450×550×1400mm
AD-WS-1L 1 Φ250×1350×2 370*800×2 60 1500×550×1750mm
AD-WS-2L 2 Φ300×1400×2 400*900×2 100 1700×600×1750mm
AD-WS-3L 3 Φ350×1650×2 500*1100×2 200 2400×850×2200mm
AD-WS-4L 4 Φ400×1650×2 500*1100×2 200 2400×850×2200mm
AD-WS-5L 5 Φ500×1750×2 650*1080×2 350 3000×950×2400mm
AD-WS-6L 6 Φ500×1750×2 650*1080×2 350 3000×950×2400mm
AD-WS-8L 8 Φ600×1900×2 800*1180×2 500 3500×1000×2600mm
AD-WS-10L 10 Φ750×1900×2 940*1280×2 800 4200×1500×2800mm
AD-WS-15L 15 Φ900×2100×2 1000*1380×2 1000 4600×1600×2800mm
AD-WS-18L 18 Φ1000×2100×2 1000*1380×2 1000 5000×2000×2600
AD-WS-25L 20-25 Φ1200×2300×2 1360*1650×2 2000 6000×2800×2600mm
AD-WS-45L 30-45 Φ1500×2400×2 1360*1650×2 2000 8000×3500×3000mm
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Water for textile and paper
Printing and dyeing water;
Water for water jet loom;
Water for paper making, etc
  Water for food industry
purified drinking water;
Mountain water and mineral water;
Drinks, beer;
Water for dairy industry
  Water for industrial products manufacturing
Automobile, electroplating;
Paint, fine processing;
Water for cleaning
  Water for pharmaceutical industry
Pharmaceutical preparations;
Natural material extraction;
Chinese medicine drinks, etc
  Building quality water supply
Star Hotel;
Villa, Airport;
Living quarters, etc
  Ultra pure water in electronic industry
Monocrystalline silicon semiconductor;
Integrated circuit block;
LCD, etc
  Desalination of salty water
Islands, ships;
Saline alkali area;
Production of drinking water
Boiler make-up water
Pure water of power boiler;
Medium and low pressure boiler soft water, etc.
Fine chemical water
Cosmetics, detergents;
Biological Engineering;
Genetic engineering, etc.
Municipal tap water
Township housing complex;
Highway toll stations
Circulating cooling water
Central air conditioning;
Water-cooled air conditioner
Sewage treatment
Industrial wastewater;
Water reuse;
domestic sewage
Artificial breeding water
Fish and shrimp farming;
Ornamental fish etc.
Swimming pool water purification
Indoor swimming pool;
Outdoor landscape pool, etc.

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